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Knowledge on how to use medicinal plants has been the cornerstone of our ancestors' survival for centuries. Respecting the traditions and backing them up with science, we have created a museum that pays homage to medicinal plants characteristic to Latvia and the northern regions.

A museum for the curious ones

The Nordic Nature Medicine Museum, located in Cēsis castle barn, was created by the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES).IES is a research organization that, among other research directions, studies medicinal plants. IES has experience with medicinal plant cultivation, phytochemical analysis and product development. 

The main aim of Nordic Nature Medicine Museum is to educate and inspire. The exhibition, featuring more than 40 medicinal plants typical of Latvian and Nordic nature, will enrich the knowledge of those who already know a bit about plants. But for those who are just getting to know the lush world of medicinal plants, the museum will be an exciting journey into a world with a colourful history and a promising future.

Back to the roots. Flowers. Leaves.

Did you know that many medications and dietary supplements that you take for your health and well-being are actually take inspiration or are directly derived from nature? For example, salicylic acid, known as "aspirin" in the drugstore, is naturally found in meadowsweet (Flipendula ulmaris). Plants are like powerful chemical reactors where, as the plant reacts to the natural conditions, countless valuable chemicals are synthesized. As the time has passed, humans have learnt to recognize, evaluate an utilize these compounds – and even to synthesize them artificially. 

Taču ārstniecības augi sevī arvien slēpj daudz neatklāta. Ziemeļu skarbie klimatiskie apstākļi rūda augus, un to ķīmiskajā sastāvā nereti ir aktīvie savienojumi, kurus potenciāli varētu izmantot, piemēram, pretvēža preparātos. Pielietojot etnobotānikas pētījumu metodes, varam uzzināt to, kā ārstniecības augi lietoti tautas medicīnā. Savukārt šīs atziņas pētot ar mūsdienu zinātnes iespējām, paveram ceļu ilgtspējīgām inovācijām.

Nordic Nature Medicine Museum was created by the Institute for Environmental Solutions in cooperation with the GrassLIFE project, funded by the ES LIFE program.

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