Welcome to
Nordic Nature
Medicine Museum!

Knowledge of how to use medicinal plants has been the cornerstone of our ancestors' survival for centuries. Respecting the traditions and backing them up with science, we have created a museum that pays homage to medicinal plants characteristic to Latvia and the northern regions.

A museum for those thirsty for knowledge

Ziemeļu dabas medicīnas muzeju, kas atrodas Cēsīs, Cēsu pilsmuižas klētī, radījis Vides risinājumu institūts. Vides risinājumu institūts ir pētniecības organizācija, un ārstniecības augi ir viens no tās darbības virzieniem. Insitūtam ir plaša pieredze ārstniecības augu kultivēšanā, fitoķīmiskajā analīzē un augu produktu izstrādē. 

The main aim of Nordic Nature Medicine Museum is to educate and inspire. The exhibition, featuring more than 40 medicinal plants typical of Latvian and Nordic nature, will enrich the knowledge of those who already know a bit about plants. But for those who are just getting to know the lush world of medicinal plants, the museum will be an exciting journey into a world with a colourful history and a promising future.

Back to the roots. Flowers. Leaves.

Did you know that many of the medicines we use every day to improve our health and well-being actually come from nature? For example, salicylic acid, better known as aspirin, is found naturally in the meadowsweet (Flipendula ulmaria).

Plants are like powerful chemical reactors, where valuable active compounds are produced as the plant responds to different environmental conditions. Over time, man has learned to recognise these compounds, assess their effects, use the compounds to their advantage and even synthesise these chemicals themselves. 

But there is still much to discover in the world of medicinal plants. The harsh northern climate tempers the plants and their chemical composition is often made up from active compounds that could potentially be used in, for example, anti-cancer drugs.

Using ethnobotanical research, we can learn how medicinal plants have been used in folk medicine. And by exploring these insights with modern science, we pave the way for sustainable innovation. 

Nordic Nature Medicine Museum was created by the Institute for Environmental Solutions in cooperation with the GrassLIFE project, funded by the ES LIFE program.